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 Aerobats planned flights

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Pilote BC
Pilote BC


PostSubject: Aerobats planned flights   Wed 24 Feb - 14:55

Ok as i suggested here, i think we can have more interesting flight easily.
There are 2 ways of starting thins kind of 'planned flights' :

  • preplanned: on the forum. Good to get precise pilots but a bit 'heavy' to organize.
  • opportunity: get the pilots directly on Aerobats and launch a flight after have chosen who will participate.

Whatever the type, i think the minimum to get is:

  1. pilot names
  2. initial position of each
  3. type of plane
if its a 'preplanned', the time of take off will be needed too.

To be sure the formation will be quiet, i created 2 new rooms in the TS.

"PLANNED FLIGHT Formation Alpha"
"PLANNED FLIGHT Formation Bravo"

"Special channel for prepared flights
Don't use if not planned in the formation."

You certainly noticed that the usual way of flying on Aerobats is rather ''who is the leader ?'' and everybody joins the precious !!
but i hope than one day there will be many flights in the air and not always only one leader with all the bees around !
So, if needed i will create more channels of this type.

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Aerobats planned flights
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