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 becoming "guest pilot"

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Male Localisation/Location : Canada

PostSubject: becoming "guest pilot"   Tue 15 Jun - 19:47

Hi all!
First I would like to say that I'm impressed by your flying skills and I wish you the best on future airshows
now..I wanted to ask, how can you be a guest pilot and what is that exactly? I assume you'd have limited options and maybe not participate on airshows and all that. I ask this because I was always interested in close formation flying but was unable to find people and servers that are interested in such thing, so when I saw you I was like a little 2-year-old seeing a big lollypop. Now..I'd like to know if I could fly with you on your training sessions (nonofficial or official, whatever you decide) but I want to stay in my current squadron (because those are my close friends and I also like flying with them ).

Thanks in advance,

P.S. unfortunately I speak only English and Croatian, so I don't know if this will work out as you are all French
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Pilote BC


PostSubject: Re: becoming "guest pilot"   Tue 15 Jun - 22:34


Indeed you have to speak french if you want to become a BC pilot. But Guests only have to speak english. Then, it requires to pass a test, so you'll be able to stay in formation and follow some basic aerobatics like loops, barrel roll, ... (just an overview of the level, in fact it's more precise).
A guest is normaly not allowed to fly in our private session (like the one you saw yesterday). I say normally cause I think we could ask you to come in one of our private session (to make larger formations for example). During shows the guest may have some special tasks to do (advertissements, tower controller, broadcast music on TS, help the "police" of the server, etc...), which will help us a lot.

Or... may be you can learn french with us on TS and then become BC? With motivation you can do anything!

Quote :
but I want to stay in my current squadron
No problems with that. Some of us are also in a squadron.

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PostSubject: Re: becoming "guest pilot"   Wed 16 Jun - 0:46


First, thank you for your message. It's always a pleasure to be congratuled.
Yesterday was the first flight of our new 2010 serie so it's just the beginning. That's why you could see we were not working on precise track according to the public zone but only working items one by one, i would rather say , discovering them one by one.
Now for your query :
maybe you didn't read this topic

done ? ok...

Pilots with at least "BC test level 2"

we usually don't fly the BC test with the pilot because after a few flights with him we are able to know if he has the required skill. But if you want, we can fly it so you know what to train.

- and not part of another VAT (combat squad pilots are ok)

of course! even if a "guest" is normally not allowed to fly on private
BC session (especially for a flight program session) , a guest is quite
part of the BC team and will fly more with us than any other pilot.

Here is how it generally works:

1/A formation is started, with a leader who will decides who he wants and where.

2/ As written in Aerobats rules, people who wants to join this formation will ask to leader if they can come and where.

3/ I don't know with other leaders, but when I do take the lead, all the pilot in MY wing will have to be on the same TS channel as me: no typing order, and no risk of crash because someone is not able to hear the orders !
(some channels in Aerobats TS are dedicated for planned formation to have only the pilots of this formation in the same channel, pilots not part of this flight will have to stay out or come muted)

4/ 2 main way to fly now:
a) if there are some BC and some BCg in the formation AND we want to train all of them. So in this case, we will go in a private channel to be quiet and private; BCg pilot will be TRAINED and not only lead !
b) it's a "cool" flight, with any type of pilot (other VAT, other pilot ...) .
So, just like before, all pilots of the formation are in the same channel, but in this case, it will only be orders from the leader. No tips, no instruction.

Got it ?

have a nice day !

Si c'est pour pas etre propre, c'est pas la peine. Si c'est pour montrer ton cul, c'est pas la peine. Si c'est pour imiter au lieu de reproduire ou d'innover, c'est pas la peine. Et si c'est pas pour avoir un minimum de plaisir, c'est pas la peine.
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Male Localisation/Location : Canada

PostSubject: Re: becoming "guest pilot"   Wed 16 Jun - 8:20

yep, I read that post and understand all rules :-D

see ya in the skies
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PostSubject: Re: becoming "guest pilot"   

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becoming "guest pilot"
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